making our world go ’round




here are a few things making our lives a little extra special and interesting these past couple of weeks:

zelda got a big big girl bed. yep, that’s two bigs since the first was her crib mattress on the floor. now she has a bona fide twin bed. maybe that should be big big BIG since zelda weighed herself this morning (she loves the scale) and she was 28 pounds in her shorts, diaper and t-shirt. she outweighs her cousin who is almost exactly a year older by a whole pound.

james brown station on pandora. each afternoon its the perfect pick us up and we listen and dance all the way through the evening until zelda’s bed time.

getting back to sewing. i made this dress and another top for zelda last weekend, plus recycled our valentines day tablecloth into bibs and placements.

snow, snow, snow! it keeps coming down and we’re loving it.

a better way to get videos off my phone so i can upload them onto the blog via vimeo. so keep a look out for some older videos that i’ll post here in the next couple of days.

zach’s tweaks to the blog. i love how the pictures are more prominent. i also got rid of the flickr links, tags, tweets and pinterest pins. you can still check them out, but i love this clean simple look.

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