growing pains

kitchen mat

that’s what we’ve been having around here these days. zelda is exercising her will in a serious way, see the live tweeting of her antics from Monday (it’s all true!). also, i’m not sure if its just that or that plus she seems more active than ever, if that was even possible. right now if something is not nailed down zelda thinks its hers to move, throw, stand in, really you name it (see video below). while she certainly gets points for creativity and an abundance of spirit (again see the video), i’m exhausted.

plus she’s not interested in napping even when she’s tired. she used to sign she was ready for sleep and then go down for a nap. now we’ll catch her “tell” of rubbing her eyes and ask if she wants a “night night.” most of the time though its no dice until she’s overtired and cranky and throws a bit of a tantrum before falling asleep. good news is throwing tantrums is a milestone (yipee! right on schedule).


notice that single bead in zelda’s hair. another growing pain i guess is zelda deciding to tear out her styled hair twice yesterday even after she sat so patiently to have it done, but not before i grabbed a quick picture.
colorful beads
so for now all that remains is a bead and a puff. maybe a third time will be a charm and we’ll give it another go before uncle austin and auntie bradie visit this weekend.

oh well, growing pains all around here these days. sarcasm aside, though, this to shall pass and soon enough we’ll be craving and reminiscing the days of the wild toddler!

ps – grandparents did you take notes on that video? are you ready for this ball of energy in march? how baby proofed are your homes? we can’t wait to visit. and we’re sure you are dying to babysit the wee one while zach and i steal away for dinner or maybe even dinner and a movie. Smiley



pps – ok, so i wrote this post originally while zelda was taking a nap yesterday afternoon that she took right after that video was taken. turns out she woke up from her nap a wonderfully calm and cuddly little girl who sat for a while and colored pictures. after her papa got home, well, she wanted to impress him by showing how she could fill her sink with tape flags from my work bag. and when bedtime rolled around, no problems.

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