anatomy of a room

we are coming up on four years in our home in february. in the past we’ve done video house tours and posted them on flickr, but this year i think we’ll just do a breakdown of each room via photos noting different features or anything that’s substantially changed. of course, with my penchant for rearranging these posts will be mere snapshots. as zach knows all too well, how the house was when he left for work in the morning, may not be the house he returns to in the evening.  nonetheless, over these past years this place has really turned from a house into a home.  one that i’m quite proud of because we did most of the work ourselves.  its changed so much since we purchased it.

without further ado, we start with zelda’s room, which is never this clean.  i happened to be able to clean it up and grab some photos while her and papa went to the library this afternoon.

z room 1

z room 2

z room 3.jpg

z room 4

z room 5

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