anatomy of a room

dinner table

as you walk into our house through the front door, you are instantly in one open room that is our entryway, dining area and kitchen. we like to think of our dining area and the entry to our house as separate from the kitchen. geographically, its separated by the kitchen counter so it feels like a separate space. if you compare it to how it was when we moved in, oh wait, you can’t. we didn’t take any pictures of this space because it wasn’t really used and didn’t feel separate from the kitchen as a whole. so here’s the quick rundown on major changes in the past four years – built-in desk under window (by where bookcase is currently) removed, wallpaper and drop ceiling removed, small can lights installed, giant lamp added, blue paint added to walls and under counter, hooks under counter installed, garage door painted chalkboard, front door painted red, trim on windows painted white. this space along with the kitchen is probably one of the most renovated spaces in the house. overall, it’s much more pleasing to look at and a lot more useful.
corner bookcase

metal storage cart

front door

garage door entry

coats and shoes

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