ah, familia

familia – latin form of family in various senses or household. that’s a good word to describe my thoughts today with the departure of uncle austin and aunt bradie and after our wonderful korean potluck dinner last night.



having our families visit alaska i always find to be bittersweet. we are thrilled to have our loved ones near and get to spend time with them, but it makes it harder to be so far away. however, it also reinforces why we live here in alaska despite the distance. as i replay the events of the past weekend, i can’t help but remember the excitement zach and i both have at showing and talking about our life here.

az & zz


we are fortunate to have created a life in such a wonderful place and with such wonderful people. it’s all the better when we get to introduce our visiting family to our alaska family. they are a huge part of our lives and it was awesome to have austin and bradie meeting and hanging out our alaska family.

e, g & b


it’s also great when zelda gets to have people come visit her in her element and own space. while she is always an outgoing kiddo even when we travel, there’s just something about home and her comfort here that can’t be replicated on the road. all the more reason we love when people come visit us.


while it was a short visit, it was great and we are going to figure out a way to make sure these kinds of visits can happen more often or convince folks to relocate to alaska!

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