each year i set one new year’s resolution that i can accomplish on new year’s day. this year its to unsubscribe from all the spam and promotion emails that i receive.

in lieu of making other resolutions this year, i’m adopting a theme (i love themes for parties, for decorating, for anything really). these past couple of years i’ve learned a lot of new skills and explored lots of new areas. it’s time to take what i’ve learned and already know and start honing those skills. a couple of areas i hope to hone my skills are: baking bread, crocheting, sewing, gardening, rock climbing, zelda’s hair and speaking french. these are all things i can do with various degrees of success, but it’s time to master these things. of course, some of these skills will take a lifetime to master, but hopefully over the course of the year i can at least refine techniques and learn more in these areas. i’m hoping a slower more pointed approach will make these activities more fulfilling than the crazed slapdash manner that’s been all too prevalent in juggling far too many projects and ideas, especially these last six months.

here’s to a slower, more refined and masterful 2013.

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