nicknames and terms of endearment


at present zelda has a lot of nicknames.  i’m curious what, if any, will end up sticking past toddlerhood.

1. pumpkin – when we have a play date there are usually at least 3-4 pumpkins in the bunch, but this seems to be my “go to” nickname

2. z – usually in writing only

3. little z – again usually only in writing

4. stinky

5. lovey

6. the belly

7. sparky – by a close friend

8. trance gemini – from a co-worker who is a trekkie and sci-fi fan

9. sweetie or sweetheart

10. baby or baby girl – she’s still our baby

11. wiggle worm

12. cutie – sometimes with the follow-up with a reflexive patootie



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