what’s making our world go ’round right now

snow! after much lamenting about the lack of snow, we got 11 inches yesterday. we had a good time playing in it and i got to feed my shoveling addiction.  zelda is also getting really good at putting her snow clothes on, well at least the hats and gloves.
christmas decorations and crafts – the house is all decked out, cards are in the mail, we have our shopping done and the first batch of christmas cookies are decorated.  i’m still finishing up a couple of homemade gifts and we need to do a little baking for our annual cocktail party tomorrow night, but i feel like we have a good handle on the holiday.  we set the priority to get out and enjoy the holiday and not just get caught up in the hustle and bustle.  i think we in good shape to spend the next couple of weekends skiing and enjoying time together as a family.
zelda’s antics. she is really finding her sense of humor. she’s also testing her limits and being pretty mischievous.  she now yells “dada!” from her room when she’s up.  of course, i smile and roll back over to sleep as she’s not calling for me while dada! gets to start his day.   and, as you can see she’s finding chalk to be a tasty snack and can now reach on top of the desk to get the computer to wake up.  of course, she is so funny and cute when we her catch doing something that she shouldn’t that it is hard to get mad or tell her to stop with a straight face.
20121213-134130.jpgthese are a few of the things that are bring joy and sanity to us in these short days.


Gary miller says:

What a treat. Thx for sharing