It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a week since we’ve flown back from Maui (average high temperature in November: 82°F) to Anchorage (average high temperature in November: 27 °F).  With Thanksgiving, a quick trip to Sheep Mountain with Kelly and Forrest to get some skiing in, and then a week of work for papa with a three-day trip up to the North Slope (average high temperature in November: 2 °F) for meetings, as they say, time it does fly.

We had a wonderful time in Maui and were very happy to see and spend time with EBGMA, meet some of her friends from the Iowa/DC area who, like us,  tagged along for the trip to Hawaii in November (admit it, you know you would as well!).

Group photo with Z, M, z and EBGMA

andrew and eric

We started the trip in Kapalua in west Maui, and finished the trip just to the south in Lahaina.  With a quick ten minute walk (or even faster shuttle ride while in Kapalua), you could go from the condo to the gorgeous nearby beaches.  Zelda greatly enjoyed her time playing in (and eating a bit of) the sand, riding the surf and sleeping in the shade with the warm breezes blowing by. We didn’t just while away our time on the beach, however, as there was a very nice pool mere steps away from the condos.  

Zelda and sand

Zelda makes a friend on the beach

Zelda sleeping in the beach chair under a towel

Mama and zelda walking on the beach

Zelda explores outside the pool

Zelda practices her goal-keeping

Sitting with mama at the pool

on her own

Our trip was not only time spent with the surf and the sand.  An evening expedition to Mama’s Fish House in (near) Paia, is highly recommended for anyone who travels to Maui.  The food was exquisite, the service exemplary, and the beachside atmosphere relaxed, sedate, and yet full of class.  We explored up and down the coasts, discovered tasty houses of pie at Leoda’s, enjoyed the products of the Maui Brewing Company, hunted for whales, discovered the many secrets of POG, and relaxed, adjusting well to the very regular rhythms of island life (sun up a bit after 6:30am and down about 6:30pm).  We spent a few additional days in Lahaina after EBGMA and the guys left, honing our pool-side technique, getting some snorkeling in, exploring marginally documented tidal pools, and testing what claims to be the ‘best banana bread on the planet’. 


Sleeping with her duck

zach out for a snorkel

B&W Zelda Shadow


The best banana bread?  It was pretty darn good.

Whale tail breeching

Tidal pool and waves crashing

Smiles at happy hour

west maui road

so good.

satisfied rider

Zelda was a good flyer both ways, and our sneaky efforts of defensive seating (taking the A & C seats in hopes that the B seat would go unoccupied) paid dividends once on the return flight, allowing Zelda to stretch out and have some room to enjoy a video and nap while mama and I enjoyed a bit of extra space.  While we’re all traveled out for at least the next little while, we look forward an opportunity to return soon.

Zelda watches a video on the flight home

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