free hair friday – on hiatus

holiday headwear

zelda got to wear her hair free last friday to my holiday party. we added antlers to be festive. on friday evening up it went as it was drying out quickly. we did a fairly complex style of several rope twists up the sides of her head into a braid along the top. these complex styles are really great of zelda’s hair as we put in a lot of conditioner and all the hair is tucked in away from the elements.

cooking dinner with papa

this style held well all week until zach took it out yesterday for zelda’s bath. while i was out, he not only gave her a bath, co-washed her hair, he also did an initial detangling and put her leave in conditioner on. what a great surprise when i got home!

zelda’s hair is free only until she wakes up from her nap then we are going to put in box rope twists with black yarn extensions (like this) and add red, white and green beads on the ends. zelda loved her beads last time, so we’re ready to try them again.

she's not an old goat

this style should take us through until after the holiday. also it should be really versatile, allowing us to put it up in piggies, a pony tail, braids, wear it down and of course, add all kinds of festive bows and antlers. i’ll add a picture to this post of the finished yarn extensions when we get them in.
so, while we love the free hair here, we are going to keep it protected and moisturized for the next couple of weeks. once the yarn extensions come out, i’m sure we’ll do a day or two of free hair, so we’ll be back with more free hair friday after the new year.

after the beads were in, zelda ran off some energy she had stored up from sitting for about 4 hours total, although we took a break to chat with ebgma and made an emergency run for more beads and a new beader after ours snapped.


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