free hair friday – first hair cut

IMG 9899

we took zelda’s yarn extension and beads out a couple of days ago.  her hair was pretty wild after those came out.  good thing it was bath day.  and figuring that it was bath day, i decided it was time for zelda to make her first trip to a salon.  after nine or so months of doing her hair, more than just washing and combing it, i thought we should have someone check the general health of her hair and see if she needed a trim.  before we left for the salon though, zelda put on a little dance party in the mirror.  she was trying to coordinate all of her dance moves – the clap, the stomp, the shoulder shrug and the shimmy.

we arrived a little early so zelda could get comfortable.  the salon was busy.  a couple of guys were in the barbers’ chairs and a little girl was getting some braids.   also a couple of ladies were sitting under the dryers.  it was good for zelda to see all these other people having their hair done and know its just a part of life.  she got antsy waiting so we did a loop around the salon and she met the different stylists and generally charmed everyone there.

IMG 9898

the most exciting part of the whole salon visit was zelda getting her hair blown out, both for the novelty of the blow dryer (we’ve never blown her hair dry) and for the volume zelda’s hair attained.

IMG 9901

IMG 7729

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it took a while to work through all of zelda’s hair and she started to get squirmy so we let her look at the photos on my phone.  after her hair was all blown out, it got a quick trim.

IMG 7732

i am happy to report that the stylist said her hair was healthy.  after her hair was fully blown out and trimmed, the stylist pulled it all into a cute pony on top of her head.

IMG 9913

after the successful salon visit we went to celebrate with sushi.

IMG 9923

IMG 9915

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