christmas (far) past and present


as i was packing up the christmas decorations these past couple of days, i put away this ornament, back in its original box.  while i don’t remember making or gifting the ornament to my grandparents in 1987, i’m glad someone made sure it found its way to me once i was able to appreciate it.  i smile each year when i open the box, both at the immature handwriting of a third grader and the ornament itself.



i also love that my initials and the year are on the back.  keeping with that tradition in hopes that zelda will enjoy finding bits of her past as an adult, we made salt dough ornaments this year.  well, i made them, but she painted them.  she gifted them to her grandparents, much like i did 25 years ago.  hopefully one day this ornament or one that she’s given as a gift will find its way back to her as an adult so that she can share it with her future family.



now that she’s delivered her ornament gifts we can share the pictures of our petite artiste painting her ornaments. she loved the paint.

painting 1 IMGP9913.1600 painted belly

20121226-154137.jpgzelda also made some paper ornaments which we kept, but i’m not holding out the same kind of hope that those survive over the years.


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