a merry christmas indeed

christmas eve set up

we started our christmas festivities on christmas eve.  knowing that santa was set to deliver some pretty neat presents on christmas morning, we decided to let zelda open her packages from friends and family on christmas eve and leave her stocking and santa’s deliveries for christmas morning.  while zelda took her afternoon nap, we set up her camping chair and set her packages all around it.  we knew she’s be interested as soon as she saw her new doll, moses elizabeth (an awesome handmade gift from auntie karen’s mom), sitting her her camping chair. zach also set up the camera on a tripod with a timer to take a shot every 15 seconds so we could enjoy the fun with zelda and not play photographer.  it worked like a charm and we may just be able to make a little stop motion film from all the shots and put that up here later this week.

opening packages

post opening aftermath

what keeps flashing over here

camping practice

on christmas morning, zelda came out to see what santa had brought overnight.  i’d say she must have been a good girl given what she found – a wonderful kitchen, a work bench and her magical trunk.  she also found a special gift from the dogs, a cat piano, which she really enjoys, especially the microphone (there’s a video here or possibly below if it shows up for you).  all of her gifts were big hits and she’s been busier than ever since opening them.

mini cook

christmas morningopening stocking stuffers

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