zelda loves snow


good thing too since there is snow on the ground at least 7 months of the year. on saturday we decided to bundle zelda up in her walking snow clothes – snow pants, coat, hat, mittens and boots – as opposed to her snow suit and let her explore the snow in the yard. we started in the front yard just to see how she could maneuver in all that insulated clothing. she did really well.

that is, until she got bent over and couldn’t get back up. right after i finished recording she did a little face plant in the snow, which brought forth a little whine, but didn’t dampen her enthusiasm for the snow.


we then let her trek around the deck a bit. we should have known as soon as snow was at mouth level in it would go. zelda LOVES to eat snow. good thing she’s only been around untouched snow at this point. it’s something we’ll have to be vigilant about in the yard since we have three dogs and right now zelda’s favorite color is yellow.


i think its great that the cold has never seemed to bother zelda. i’m hoping it stays that way since she really seemed to enjoy being outside skiing or going for walks last winter and now now she’s really enjoying exploring the outdoors and getting around on her own.  i am hoping the snow will fly again soon so we can go skiing and sledding.

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