split decision

on a day full of choices – red vs. blue, republican vs. democrat, to vote vs. not – i found myself of a divided mind about dinner last night.  zach picked this recipe for dinner, which uncertain if i wanted sweet or savory, i modified the recipe and we ended up with two types of waffles and toppings for each type.

we ended up with pumpkin cinnamon waffles with apple cranberry compote and buttermilk cornmeal waffles with sauteed poblano and shallots with eggs to top them and wilted spinach for both.

even by the time dinner was ready, i still couldn’t decide so i split my plate with half a waffle of each.  zach started savory and ended on a sweet note.

zelda had pumpkin with compote and spinach and an egg on the side.  she was disappointed when her bowl was empty and thoroughly examined it to see if there was more to be found.


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