oh, papa, where art thou?

it’s more rare than regular that we get a post from zach here on the blog.  i know he tries to fit them into his busy schedule from time to time, but that’s only to stop the nagging from me or so i speculate.  but lo and behold, we’ve found where he’s been spending his internet time and guess what?!  he’s basically doing blog posts for his friends over on another site.  sheesh!  you’d think he could at least cross post here so we could all enjoy what he has to share.

here are some greatest hits i found that he’s shared on that other site:

who’s cooking what tomorrow

surprises when we woke up this morning

they grow up so fast


new lens…therefore update about little z

semi-irregular little z friday update

important monday update for little z…first steps

speaking of tasteful nudes

friday morning/afternoon/evening brightener – little z – a’la francais

an electoral distraction for those of you in the US – weeks overdue little z update

since this is our family site, hopefully with a little peer and family pressure, he’ll post here more regularly or at least cross post his musings to both places.  i find his ramblings, thoughts and observations always amusing to read, but perhaps i’m biased.

the pictures are totally unrelated to this post other than they haven’t been posted here or that other site.  these are of zelda enjoying her sitter’s banana pudding at a bbq we had just before we went to france.  needless to say, zelda loved it.

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