last night in lieu of trick or treating, we went to kiddoween, a gathering of the 15 month and younger set among old and new friends. it was a lot of fun to get all the babies together all dressed up along with some parents. impressively they all seemed to tolerate their costumes, which were creative and varied.  there was the good, bad and ugly, a bee, a beat poet, a baby in lederhosen (really a whole german family), a rocket man and of course, our cute little chick.  the pictures are all a little blurry because babies move around a lot and the lighting was dim.







our attempt at an all baby picture worked only in so far as they were all on the couch together, but as you can see a couple were upset.


adding the mamas seemed to help a lot.  some of the parent costumes were chefs, a ladybug, a french maid and a german mama in a dirndl.   i was a carnival world’s strongest man, complete with fake mustache and tattooed arms.  zelda loved getting kisses while i was wearing the fake mustache.  it was a lot fun to have this group together, the babies were all the right age to interact, but not be able to run around too wildly, plus good food and beer and wine for the parents.  and while we didn’t get his picture with his costume on at the party, papa was a lego.

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