happy thanksgiving

we just arrived back from hawaii late last night and after a mad dash to the store this morning we found the makings of a thanksgiving dinner. while not on a 100% percent traditional, we decided to substituted chicken for turkey, we are having all the rest of the fixings. cranberry sauce, stuffing or dressing, since it’s not cooked inside the bird, pumpkin pie and brussels sprouts. it should be tasty. oh yeah, a spinach puff pastry appetizer, potatoes and cranberry margaritas too. a feast for three!
we hope wherever you are and whoever you are with you are having a wonderful thanksgiving.
we’ll have a full run down from our trip later this weekend if we can fit it in, after we manage to unpack, get our christmas tree tomorrow (crazy! is it really that time?), decorate for christmas and go cabin camping on saturday. there’s a lot to do, but i’m sure we’ll manage somehow, we always do. good thing we had time to relax on the beach.