free hair friday!


it’s that time of week again when zelda’s hair is freed from the week’s style.  last week she had some lovely rosettes, but by the week’s end we were back in our old standby of two piggies.  play and hats have been hard on hairstyles.  plus rosettes, while lovely and super protective, probably will not last the week until we can find some shorter bobby pins that don’t stick out.  grandma marla is on the hunt for those down in the lower 48 and we’ll look for them too when we go to hawaii next week.

we took an early bath today with lots of splashing, playing and a little reading.

out of the tub and in warm clothes, we started working on our comb out.  zelda’s hair continues to grow like a weed.  as much as i would love to let it be completely free with the dry weather and her hard play that’s not very practical.  with no plan in mind, we started in on two strand twists.  lots of ’em.  the front ones hung down in zelda’s face initially so she gave them a closer inspection.


after about 30 minutes of combing, condition twisting we were about 1/3 through and it was time for lunch, which was salmon, one of zelda’s favorites.20121109-145045.jpg

zelda’s patience held and we managed to finish her whole head.  it helped that papa found some video books online.  something new to keep her interest.  by the end of the two hour styling, zelda (and mama for that matter!) were tired and my fingers were a bit pruney from all the water and conditioner.  zelda is now down for a nap with all these twists tucked up under her sleep cap.



i figure we’ll do something more with this style before we go to hawaii.  maybe try out some beads, create an updo or back in piggies.  i’m not sure what it will be, but i figured these twists were a good foundation on which to build.  we’ll need to get her hair contained somehow so we don’t have to spend too much time trying to extract sand from all that thick hair.

also in other hairstyling news, we had to move zelda from her bumbo into her highchair that puts her head above the back of the chair to do the back of her hair.  her hair is getting too long to style when there’s a higher back on the chair.  it’s just another sign that the days of the bumbo are numbered.  it has served us well and zelda loves it, but she’s getting so big so fast and it was inevitable that it too would be outgrown, which is now much sooner than later.

Maja says:

She is a beautiful little girl 🙂