free hair friday!

this week’s style was a fail from the start, so much so its not even worth mentioning and no pictures were taken.  we ended up with two flat front twists on the center part into puffs, which are always cute.  they held marginally well all things considered, especially since there were lots of hats and a costume head to wear this week for halloween.  by week’s end, zelda was cruising around in a stocking cap even in the house, along with leg warmers, shorts and a shirt, sometimes.

we didn’t do a real comb out this week, we just pulled out the puffs and twists as we got zelda into the bath early today and did a deep condition after a wash and regular condition.

her deep condition was a mix of 1/4 cup coconut oil softened and 1/4 cup of aloe vera concentrate.  after it was on, we had her sit with her shower cap on to capture a little extra warmth (and extra splashing time) for about 5 minutes and then gave it all a rinse.

wanting to keep the good effects of the condition and still let zelda’s hair be mostly free, i put in finger coils.

i just grabbed sections and coiled all around with a small side part in the front.  right now she’s wearing a couple of barrettes to keep the coils out of her face until they are fully dry.  once dry they will likely stay back a little bit partly from shrinkage and partly from being pinned back while wet.  you can get a sense of how long her hair is getting when its coiled down, especially in the back.  it easily hits her shoulders.

zelda has also been working out regularly and is getting sooo strong.  that’s a 100 pound “weight” she’s lifting with one hand!

done with her workout she tried out her super strength on papa playing tug of war, like the puppies do.

finally, zelda really likes to be helpful so she took her towel and cleaned up the table.

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