dear zelda,

it’s been awhile since i’ve written to you instead of about you here, but i have had thoughts swirling around in my head for some time now i wanted to make sure were passed along.  today seemed to scream out that i needed to get them down as it is increasingly evident that you are changing so quickly and i don’t want past observations to get lost in the mix of all your new discoveries.

i’ve said it quite a bit recently that you have changed from a baby into a toddler.  it is so true.  this past trip we took really illustrated that for me.  you wanted your independence to walk around, play with other kids, dig in (and eat) the sand, climb stairs and swim.  you really are taking to new experiences with aplomb.  the only time you are hesitant is upon meeting someone new.  you will quickly give a wave and a smile, but you are shy when they reach their hand out to touch you.  we’re working on how to shake hands to get to know someone.  after only a few days of practice you readily shake mama and papa’s hands when they are offered and we say “nice to meet you.”  i think you’ll have shaking hands down in no time.

you are also mimicking up a storm.  you try to comb your hair, change your clothes, talk on the phone using remote controls or anything you can get that’s strikes you as being a phone, you love to pretend type whether there’s a keyboard or not, you pretend to make your toys walk and today put them down for a night night, you love to “clean” up, and wipe your highchair tray and mouth after eating.  oh yes, and you love to cook things up in the dogs’ water bowl.

you seemed to continue to piece the world together at what i find to be an amazing pace.  just today you correctly used your new sign for book without prompting when you walked over near your books indicating you wanted me to read to you.  you also blew kisses to papa on the phone when he told you he loved you.  you went and picked something up when i asked you to.  and you appear to be signaling when you want a diaper change.  all these things seemed to happen just today and i find it amazing.

i can tell that words, well words the rest of us can understand, are just around the corner.  you babble all day long.  you confidently say hi or hey when you see someone.  you’ve got mama and papa down as well, but you don’t always direct them at the right person.  you are mimicking sounds and while i’m sure you’ve said a few other words, like yellow and good, you don’t know quite yet what they mean.  you are so communicative now and good about expressing what you want or need, especially when you are ready for sleep or hungry.  but oh boy, when you start using words, papa and i think you’ll be a chatter box.  i can’t wait to hear you express your thoughts.

best of all, even with all this independence you seem to want, you are super affectionate with mama and papa, something we can’t get enough of.  we love that you want to cuddle in with us and read books, give us slobbery kisses and even when you want to pet us like the dogs.  you are a wonderfully affectionate and loving daughter.

as we head into christmas, i’m excited for the things we’ll do together this year and the traditions we’ll start.  we’ve already made a few paper ornaments together as you love to color with markers and chalk, but mama’s got a few more fun ideas up her sleeves.  i’m also excited to get you outside more once we get more snow and the temperatures rise a bit.  you really enjoy being outdoors.  you are also starting to notice all the little things about being outside, like the wind, birds and blowing leaves.

i’m really looking forward to these next four months.  i think throughout the winter we’ll see so many more changes in you and it will be a lot fun.




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