A change of pace from the dog’s water bowl

As many zelda fans know, one of her favorite pastimes when mom and dad aren’t paying 100% of their attention to her is to go and play with the dogs’ water bowl. As that isn’t always our favorite option for her (spilled water, thirsty pups, soggy zelda clothing), we’ve tried to give her more options to splash about. (And no, filling the tub and leaving her there isn’t an option.)

A few weeks back, meg set up play station in the kitchen not far from where zelda’s normal splashing takes place. Add in a shower curtain, some ducks and, of course, water, and there was fun to be had:

More recently, we set zelda up at the sink to once again wage a splashing battle with the ducks. This time, the setting was the sink while dinner was being prepared. While the splashing was fierce, fun was had by all (and dinner turned out yummy, too).
Fun at the sink

More sink fun

Pausing to reflect and chew the duck

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