zelda’s party

we were so busy chasing kiddos around that we didn’t get many pictures.  some before pictures of the decorations are up on my flickr account.  here’s what we did manage to capture:

we got a quiet start to the morning with some reading on the kitchen floor.

kim and sabina getting the party started.

zelda with her balloons and her #1 shirt (thanks, ebgma!).

these two were adorable.  milo hopped in and zelda was thrilled to push him back and forth.  i love how determined she looks in the first picture and how it looks like they are window shopping in the next.  too cute!

the kids jumped right in to making whipped cream “pies.”  by the end every sprinkle was used and a few spoons were also used to taste the pies, much to some mamas’ chagrin.

we had a great time.  zelda loved having all the kids here, ate her fill of pie and got to have balloons, one of her new favorites.  to close for today, here’s a missed picture of zelda helping papa whoop it up on his birthday while he blew out his candles:


gary miller says:

hi love your blog, so much heart and creativity, photos like papa and z blowing out candles, touching. thanks for sharing your lives..