One of my favorite things

Continuing on Meg’s theme from last week, about how, no, really, we do have other things going on around here than just what daily fun, cuteness and mischief that little z gets into.

So you see, cheese is one of my favorite things. It is also one of Zelda’s favorite things. In fact for a time, in lieu of using the baby sign language sign for hungry, she’d simply sign for cheese (take one hand and drag your fingers from the top of your palm toward your arm… cheese!)  So where was I?  Right, cheese.

Currently, in the house, we’ve got the following (some will start arguing before reading the list to follow that we’ve got too much):

Bleu cheese (from Wisconsin)




Parmegian Reggiano

Grana Padano Parmeganno

Beekman 1802 Blaak (cow/goat blend from somewhere in upstate NY)


Tillamook Extra tasty Sharp Cheddar (oh no!  it was finished this last weekend.  Guess we’re overdue to restock our cheddar.)

Morbier (French semi-soft cows cheese)

Ricotta (extinguished with last night’s dinner)

In fact, I’m such a fan of cheese that a few years ago, when we had a dinner with friends where the theme was ‘our favorite food’, I decided to go with meat and cheese.  What were the cheeses selected there?  Well, I’m not at liberty to say remember, however, I stand by my decision then and now – I like cheese.

It’s been part of my evil plan, that perhaps I managed to convince Meg of, to make sure that Zelda is also a cheese fan (not to be confused with a cheese head).  We’ve tried to introduce her to new and interesting cheese regularly since she was around eight months.  While Alaska may not have a long tradition of cheesemaking, there are a few local producers (Matanuska Creamery has been giving it their all, despite all the challenges of dairy farming in this state) and a couple of intrepid importers attempting to bring some variety to the American, Swiss, and Monterrey Jack that grace the aisles of Carr’s and Fred Meyer.  We’ve picked up what we could find around, mimolette for special grilled cheese sandwiches (with apple slices and chard), some always tasty Humboldt Fog Chevre for spreading on her crackers, various bleu and roquefort cheese for some tangy character, all in hopes of having a well rounded turophile on our hands as she grows older.

While in Provence in September, we came across a variety of tasty, local cheeses (some various chevres from Banon are shown above) (and we’ll cheat and say that local means produced in France).  We also picked up a bit of mimolette, which Zelda was once again a fan of:

Hmm, perhaps I was wrong, this blog is more or less about Zelda.

Well, at least for this post, Zelda and me, fans of cheese we’ll forever be.

gary miller says:

love le fromage…. why is fromage masculine? we are trying a new costco cheese called Kirkland Lake Country that’s taste of cheddar and parmegano, give it a try… cheese is heavenly..Gary