in love with her new dolly

auntie karen was unable to make zelda’s party when we had it, although they did manage to get a birthday day video chat when we were in paris, so she came over to give zelda a gift today.  this doll is handmade by karen. she is amazing.  the details are fantastic.  as soon as zelda got it open she was drawn to her (we still need to come up with a name).  she gave her hugs and love and was fascinated by the face.  this evening zelda wanted to show her dolly to papa.  she brought over a bow for the dolly’s hair and wasn’t happy until we had put it in (balance it on top of the dolly’s head for a split second).  this is really a thoughtful gift, one we know was made with love and so much talent.  a piece to play with and treasure.  perfect!

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