happy and healthy


zelda had her one year doctor visit today. she passed with flying colors although she didn’t really want to lay down to be weighed; she wanted to see how the scale worked instead, but we got her weighed, measured and examined.  she was patient and cooperative through it all, even with a bit of a sniffle she picked up over the weekend.  zelda really is such a happy kiddo (no longer a baby!), showing of her walking, dancing and babbling to the doctor and her staff. in fact her visit went really well as she has hit her 15 month milestones so we don’t have to go back again until 18 months.  yeah!

little z’s vital stats at a year and 17 days are: 21 lbs, 12.5 oz and 30.25 in. tall.  zelda remains in the 75% percentile for growth in all areas.  zelda also has 7 teeth – 4 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth – with the 8th on its way, another bottom tooth.  she’s also walking somewhere between 50-100 steps a day.  walking is quickly becoming her preferred or at least first attempted means of locomotion.

we celebrated the good news & her bravery at receiving three shots today with milk and cookies for dessert after dinner.


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