free hair friday!

this week’s hairstyle was our most complicated to date.  from bath to final style it took about two hours.  zelda did a great job sitting still.  she played with her toys initially and then watched a couple of videos. above she is showing us rubber mouth – basically her taking the lid to one of her containers and making it into funny lips.  she gets a good laugh out of us each time she does this.

our style was 14 flat rope twists into two separate buns.  we also added a little yarn extension to the ends of the twists to give us a little more length.  this helped the buns to stay secured.  completely by happenstance we ended up with some corkscrew curl bangs when the very front twist gave way and we took it out.  this style held very well especially since zelda really gave it a work out between activities at home – lots of sorting, coloring with chalk, peek-a-boo – and toddle time at the gym.



taking out the style went a lot faster than i thought.  after getting those cute bangs by accident, i decided not to comb out her hair but simply undo the twists and condition them, pulling any stray hairs into finger coils. the result is a fun style that’s a cross between finger coils and a twist out.  zelda enjoyed shaking her head around and feeling her hair after it was free this time.  i really enjoy watching her explore the different ways her hair can be, whether its feeling the ridges of her twists or the weight of free hair.



the style held well overnight under the sleep cap.  the pictures above and below are without any mama intervention.  as you can see, it’s the perfect corgi riding style.  luckily, darby is a very indulgent and lazy dog.


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