free hair friday!

i was really happy with how well zelda’s style held this week.  we divided her hair into eight sections, four parallel sections along the midline part.  each section was braided downward and then pulled up into two piggies.  these were the first braids we’ve put in zelda’s hair.  i can see why so many styles use twists.  trying to keep all the stands of curls together for braids will take lots of practice.  i liked that this style could be changed up by putting in different barrettes (made by aunt bradie) and hair ties (seasonal flourish made by mama).  before heading out to an activity on thursday, we did give some smoothing lotion a try and it seemed to catch the flyaway strands by simply smoothing it over her hair as we re-pulled her braids together again re-doing her piggies.

coming out of this week’s style, zelda’s hair was large and in charge.  as you can see from the photo below, it’s also getting long, almost down to the middle of zelda’s back.  what i noticed when combing her hair out today was the amount of lint that came out – fuzz, dog hair, unidentifiable bits.  i can’t imagine what we might have found in her hair had it not been up all week.




a quick headband was all the embellishment this hair needed to keep it out of zelda’s eyes.

this photo gives a good sense of the size of her hair.  her sleep cap could barely contain it!

papa’s reaction to this week’s big hair.  he found it SHOCKING, absolutely SHOCKING.  zelda…not so impressed.

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