free hair friday!

this week’s style went in on monday and lasted all week.  its several flat rope twists over to a side pony tail.  we also added barrettes throughout the week.  zelda did really well with the barrettes and has been getting better about leaving her sleep cap on overnight.


this style was also put to the test with the addition of hats and hoods with colder temps.  i’m happy with how it held up.  it helps that we got zelda an adult hat.  it easily covers her hair and ears whether up in a style or free.



speaking of free hair, today we did a simple comb out and added a headband as we had to meet papa for a quick grocery/lunch date over the noon hour.  zelda was exhausted by the end.  she didn’t even stir when i moved her from her car seat into her crib.



this afternoon we made another quick grocery run, but decided to bike.  zelda is getting so good about her helmet.  she even tried to put it on herself today.  of course it wasn’t going over all that free hair.  we first had to tame it with a hat, but once it was all contained she was ready to go.





she wasn’t as thrilled about the blanket i buckled in with her.  she stayed nice and warm on the ride though.  she forgot all about the blanket once she got her afternoon snack, a whole gingersnap cookie and some milk.


after mama got dinner we’re taking over to some friends’ house this evening in the oven we had some fun rolling the helicopter back and forth until it took a nose dive.


again, i was happy with how soft zelda’s hair was when we combed it out.  i did end up with a small maybe quarter sized pile of hair from the comb after we were done.  i’ll have to do some research to see if this is normal – i loose a ton of hair each time i comb my mine- or if it’s a sign that we’ve got some breakage.

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