dishpan hands for love


zelda and i cooked and baked up a storm this afternoon in the kitchen. first up, squash and spinach lasagna with béchamel sauce. as you can see it was overflowing before we even got it in the oven. it made for a delicious dinner.


zelda was a great sous chef. she diligently sorted limes between the containers while i worked on whipping up some chocolate chip zucchini bread.


all that baking and cooking left quite the mess. now typically i wouldn’t do more than make sure all the dishes were by the sink, ingredients put away and wipe down the counters since dishes are zach’s forte and his primary responsibility, mine is laundry (or really let you see our kitchen this messy, but we’re keeping it real here).


but with the dishwasher full of clean dishes, with no chance to unload (almost impossible to do with zelda walking around and really wanting to get in the dishwasher) and make room for dirties, i set to it. zach is out the door early this week and not home until a little later than usual due to meetings (and having to stop by the store on the way home to get milk), so i did up quite a few dishes by hand. i didn’t dare load the dishwasher as zach would have redone it all, not saving him any time since he has a “way” of doing it. really, if you ask him, it’s the only way.


and by the time i was done, i had dishpan hands, which i’m pretty sure is the newest super sexy accessory to have when you get an extra few minutes to spend alone with your spouse.