back to normal


after a weekend of celebrations with such generous and awesome friends, we are getting back to normal around here.  zelda is still enjoying her balloons from her party.  she’s also really interested in water so we give her free reign on the dogs’ bowl, including adding duckies, as long as she doesn’t tip it over.  this was a definite stroke of genius on our part as parents.  it’s much better than chasing her away from the dogs’ bowl or putting it up and having the dogs clamor for water when we’ve forget to put it back down.


we’ve also put a bunch of barrettes in her hair as a test run for possibly using beads.  we’re toying with the idea of braids and beads next month for hawaii, but we’re just not sure yet.  so far so good with the barrettes.  she’s only pulled at them once and then lost interest.


today we caught a break in the rain and took advantage with a short walk.


here’s zelda showing off her riding skills with a present some friends gave her. she’s really good at moving her trike around and the dogs absolutely “LOVE” it (i don’t know how to type sarcastically, but in reality, honey hates that thing; however, she’s learning to cope. you can teach an old dog a few new tricks).

i hope to pull together a full rundown on zelda’s birthday, but it may still be a day or two. i’m a little sluggish from so much partying this past weekend, plus i’m still working through pie and keg leftovers. what i do in the name of family, i tell ya, it’s so rough!  also sorry for the blurry pictures, but this kid is on the go and it’s hard to catch a clear picture of her these days.

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