papa’s musing on a year of parenthood

These questions and musings – random, but heartfelt.

1. where does the time go?  I’d swear we were just in Dallas, sweating it out in 105°F weather, enjoying our proximity to Central Market, and anxiously awaiting Zelda’s arrival.

2. how did Zelda end up with more hair than me?  The only way to compete – I’ve got to up my beard game.

3. having dogs was good training for being able to instantly wake up and assess a sound in the middle of the night and act, if necessary.  Fortunately, Zelda hasn’t tested me too much on that point, but now and then.

4. I can’t imagine trying to do this by myself… Meg has been a wonderful partner in crime, er, to raise Zelda with.

papa and z in Oregon at McMinman's

5. I’m not sure how I’ve let Meg talk me out of finding a saddle for one of the corgis for Zelda.  What could go wrong?

6. I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful child, and if I did, check to see if I’ve been been conked on the head.  Zelda eats, sleeps, walks, poops, talks and plays music well; she is always very even keeled and happy.  Despite our ‘best’ efforts to have her catch colds or the flu, she just powers through with maybe a small sniffle. Honestly, if you do catch me complaining about anything, make sure I’ve not been conked on the head, and if it haven’t been conked on the head, do so. [knocks on wood after typing this so as to not mess things up]

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