happy birthday from ebgma

Since Zelda will be spending her first birthday in France, I thought it would be only fitting to have some pictures and some memories of her Papa’s first visit to France.

When Zach and Austin were young fellows, I would take them with me on a summer trip adventure year. The adventures started when they were pretty young, with domestic trips to Disney World and Philadelphia and such, and as they got older we would travel abroad. When my niece, Mindy, was old enough, she joined us.

The kids would kind of offer up suggestions about where we should go, and each one had a list of places they hoped to visit. The travel ended when they graduated from college. My plan was that they could always come along, but I paid for the trip until they graduated from college, then it was their dime to travel.

I believe France was Zach’s last trip with us, so this would have been the summer after his graduation from McGill, but somehow I think he spent that summer in Ireland…so maybe this was the summer before?

Whichever, there was a lot of fun in Paris, with the Louvre and all the great sites of the city, but it rained constantly. We were there for July 14th, Bastille day. I remember the parade and Mr. Chirac riding down the street and the fireworks over the Eiffel tower. It rained constantly in Paris. We had a great trip to Marseilles. And, the South of France had beautiful weather and I would not let the kids rent scooters to ride around the countryside, as I did not want to ship a dead or injured child back to the States.

I hope that Zelda, and her family are enjoying the City of Love, or is it the City of Light? And, the beautiful fields of Lavender and the open air markets and the incredible history of a lovely country.

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Zaletel!

Ebgma Carole







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