happy birthday from auntie karen

Happy Birthday Zelda!
I can’t believe you’re one year old already.  Although, like your mom said recently – it’s also hard to imagine that you haven’t always been here as a part of our lives.  It’s so great to watch you grow and learn things.  I got to be there with you and your mom in Iowa for your first horseback ride this spring.  Before you tried out a real horse, you wisely got some practice on one that’s more your size.  🙂

I know you must be having a great time traveling in France right now – so many new faces to see!  At one year old you are are a bundle of activity; constantly wanting to see, do, and explore.  But the one thing that seems to catch your attention more than anything is a new person to charm with your wonderful smile and sparkly eyes.  I don’t think your mom and I have gotten through one meal or coffee in public this year without somebody stopping by the table to greet you and say how beautiful you are.  I am a very proud Auntie and I just love you to pieces!  Happy Birthday little girl.

xo ~ Auntie Karen

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