free hair friday

with the long weekend this past week, we started out with banding zelda’s hair to lengthen it for two strand twists pinned into rosettes.  we left the banding in for three days, the rosettes made it three days, including through a bath with a shower cap and of course today zelda wore her hair free.  we were hoping for a twist out, but zelda requires little rubber bands to hold her twists at the ends, so the twists didn’t really twist out like we’d hoped.  instead we went with a big punch of color – a big flower headband.

trying on a hat, getting ready for france!

walking with free hair!

keeping the rosettes dry in the bath.

newly styled rosettes.  initially we had to pin them, but after drying they kept their shape pretty well without pins.

combing out the banded hair.

the original banded style after a few days.  note zelda is wearing her apron.  she baked us a cake this week.  such a good baby!


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