free hair friday

nothing special this week, just a comb out from some twists and puffs. zelda got to wear her hair free part of the time we were in valdez and we did an early bath on thursday and then it went back into twists and puffs, but was combed free yesterday afternoon since papa was taking his ladies on a date. we’re working on easy styles that go in quick and are not meant to last beyond the day to get zelda back in the habit of sitting for a styling. garfield episodes on hulu seem to help immensely. we’re still trying to figure out a style to put in later today for the week. it will probably be a test run on whatever style we plan to have her wear to france. zelda did sleep the whole night in her sleep cap last night. that’s progress. i find when her hair is free and big she has a harder time getting the cap off. here she’s modeling her sunnies.

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