beyond babble

zelda said her first word this morning. zach would swear her first word was dada, but dada is really just part of the babble, she uses it to make sound not really referring to him as dada.  same goes with mama.  i thought i’d heard her say this same word on saturday, but with no one else around to provide confirmation, i hesitated to declare it her first word.  but today in front of both of us and her sitter, Ginny, as clear as day, zelda said banana when offered one for breakfast.  figures it would be a food word and since she’s been inhaling whole bananas for months now; its no surprise.

zelda is changing fast.  along with first steps, now words, and we switched over from bottles and formula to sippy cups and milk full time.  it’s really hard to believe that this time last year she wasn’t with us and today she’s walking, talking and eating like you and me.  i have a hard time remembering this as was evidence by my earnestly telling a friend that zelda was with us last summer at something even though obviously that was impossible.  it’s like she’s always been with us and its hard to remember before zelda that my mind is just writing her into my memories.   it’s all amazingly wonderful and chaotic (notice the shoes and coasters everywhere).

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