We like to eat.

The title of this post won’t be news for any of our regular readers.  Each week, if we’re on our game, we try to plan out what are meals are going to be.  Responsible, right?  It’s how we manage to keep the illusion going that we can do just about everything.  This was a week we were on our game.  Our menu for the week was as follows:

How did we do in practice?

Sunday – Our good friends Bob and Gen joined the three of us for a tasty dinner of grilled salmon, (grilled) steamed broccoli, and black rice, mango and peanut salad.  Dessert was fantabulous, with coffee ice cream sandwiched between chocolate-almond-cardamom cookies (see your June 2012 Bon Appetit if you want the recipe)

ice cream sandwich

MondayStrawberry and Leek Quesadillas from sproutedkitchen.com.  We already failed at our mission to stick to the menu as planned, but the diversion was worthwhile.  While Discovery has Shark Week going, we kicked off Leek Week at the Z household.

Tuesday – Our prep abilities failed us and we ran out for dinner to Table 6.  Good food – Zelda was a fan of the cajun nachos (so was papa).  Mama liked her meatball sub.

Wednesday – We made use of the left-over salmon from Sunday and moved the Thursday meal up a day.  Salmon with cold sesame salad.  Tasty and pretty easy.  Zelda had a bit of a tough time with the noodles, but enjoyed them anyway.  We tried to get her set up with some rubber-banded chopsticks, but I think we may have another month to go before she’s chopstick ready.


Thursday – We failed to read the chicken skewer recipe that had been planned for Tuesday until about 5pm, so we were surprised when it said to marinade the chicken for three hours before cooking.  Seeing as Zelda would be in bed by the time the marinading was done, we opted to cook the chicken up, slice up some avocado, use some tasty tomatillo salsa and have chicken tacos for dinner instead.  Quick, tasty and easy.  We also got Zelda baking cookies on Thursday.

Friday – Seeing as we’d bumped the planned Friday meal to Monday, we moved the Saturday meal up.  We pan-seared some steak, had peas, chard and spinach from the garden with onions and raisins, cooked up some broccoli from the garden, and finished it off with some cucumber slices.

Saturday – You’re surely wondering, what about Leek Week and the braised leeks from Wednesday?  Would Zach use a cheap joke and then forget about it?  Of course not!  We had the braised leeks and lentils (again from sproutedkitchen.com), with some grilled mild italian sausages, for good measure.  The leeks were very tasty and tender, and took almost no effort to prepare.  Likewise, the lentils were tasty, though slightly more labor intensive.

So how did we do for the week?  Pretty well.  We ate at home six out of seven nights, and either cooked what we planned or used the ingredients that we’d purchased.  We’ve still got the quinoa tabbouleh on the menu for this week, so hopefully we’ll get to find out how it is.



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