preparing for the end of the first year

it seems like the last month of zelda’s first year is even more truncated than 31 days since we have some travel planned.  knowing we are going to be out of town quite a bit from now through the end of september, i went ahead and got out zelda’s 1st birthday invitation.  a year, crazy, right?  we decided the best way to celebrate zelda’s birthday was to let her do what she seems to like to do most, EAT!  so it’s a pie party.  i love pie, zelda loves pie and papa loves pie, so we really can’t loose.  the other great thing is zelda loves other kids, so it will be doubly good for her as there are lots of kids invited as well as adults.  our little people greeter will have lots of faces to smile at, show her dancing skills off to and wave at.  other than pie and friends we really don’t have too much planned, but i have the feeling that will be plenty.

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