free hair friday


Since I comb out Zelda’s hair on Fridays in preparation for her bath either that night or the next day, I think we’ll post the results of the comb-out here.  What I’ll try to do is post a picture of her hair right after it was done for the week and then the resulting combed out version.


This week her hair was first in a halo flat rope twist with little twisted buns in the front and back secured by barrettes, our most complicated style to date.  She did really well sitting through the hour long styling.  I think the trick is to start in the front when she’s most cooperative and willing to let me mess with her hair.  Doing the back when she’s swirmy isn’t ideal, but easier than bring right in front of her when she’s trying to grab toys or watch her video.  Unfortuantely those didn’t last long as Zelda decided to take out the clips. So we changed it up to multiple twists alternating directions, think maiden braids, but flat rope twists rather than braids as they are much easier to do.


She was hard on her hair this week.  She’s been taking her sleep cap off at night or its falling off. Either way, the style got fuzzy quick and the ends of the twists had to be redone a couple of times.  At least the main portion of hair stayed twisted and protected for the week.  Combing out the front section of this style was a little tricky as it had been twisted forward and the part didn’t want to close when I was combing it out.  After some light brushing with a bristle brush all the parts disappeared.


I love how soft Zelda’s hair is when its combed out and I’d really like to leave this way more often, but with the dogs and her crawling around on the floor, it’s just not practical.  A little spritz of curl refresher and some little bows and Zelda’s ready to rock her free hair.  Those little bows are the first she had.  We went out to buy them when she was three days old since she had so much hair when she was born.  We couldn’t help but want to put bows in it!


Unrelated, Zelda is getting quite the mastery of her harmonica and her whistle (not pictured).

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