hair progress


Zelda and I have spent some time working on her hair this week.  The last two weeks we had left her hair free with just a good detangling and conditioning after it was washed.  Unfortunately, now that she so mobile and all over the place, her hair becomes a giant magnet picking up every piece of dog hair and lint around.  Also, we both need to stay in practice of doing and having her hair done. This week we ended up doing her hair twice.  I’m happy to report she is getting better at sitting still-ish and I’m getting faster.


First we did finger coils.  I love these as they are super easy and give me a chance to really condition smaller sections of hair.  It also helps Zelda get used to me having my fingers in her hair and the feel of gentle tugs on small sections of hair, something that will come in useful later then we move on to flat rope twists and braids.


After I get the coils in, I like to pull back the front sections because othewise they hang down in Zelda’s face.  Also, it’s a nice place to put a barrette.  The picture below is just before we went to the store.  I was so proud when I got a compliment on Zelda’s hair at the store.  I’m still not overly confident in what I’m doing, so it was a nice pick me up and good encouragement to keep trying. 


In hopes that the coils would make survive the night under her sleep cap, we pulled them all back to reduce the amount of friction they would undergo while she slept.  


The coils fared ok, but when I pulled out the pony, they were wild. 


First, I tried two little piggies with a barrette, but Zelda insisted on not wanting either the pig tails or the barrette, although I think they looked quite cute. 


So, loving the look of the little pony tail, we left it up yesterday with a headband to hold back her bangs.  It still kept her hair tucked away and protected while she played (aka discovered the joys of the toilet paper roll and walked all over the house).



By last night though, the coils, especially at her neck line weren’t holding very well, so we took them out (while she pretended to work like mama) and just tucked her hair into a sleep cap for the night.  Next time I’ll need to make sure to get them tighter at the base and probably use some pomeade to set them if I want them to last for a week.  


This morning, we banded her hair.  It gave me a good opportunity to work on parts and the style is super protective.  It also gave me a good opportunity to work some oil into her scalp along the part lines.  We’ve been fortunate so far that Zelda’s scalp isn’t very dry, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little proactive oiling to try to keep it that way.


I conditioned each section and then banded it with three soft pony o’s in a blue, pink and purple. Usually banding is done to stretch and lengthen the hair prior to another style or to help give volume to a fro, but I did it because I’m headed out for a girls’ weekend away (my first overnight away from little z) and this way papa won’t have to mess with her hair while I’m gone.  After getting all of her hair banded, I took the ponys from the middle of her hair and banded them together as well. 


I like how the banded pony tails look and they go in really fast.  From the first part to finish was about 30-45 minutes.  Definitely not too bad for a first try at this style.


I’ll be interested to see how well these hold up while I’m away.

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