free hair friday, the late edition

this week’s hairstyle was supposed to be two puffs with two halo twists.  it didn’t make it much past the farmers’ market and brunch last saturday.  for a sunday birthday party, we just combed out zelda’s hair and she wore an oversized pink bow in it.  she looked really cute.  when i tried to get her to sit to put a new style in for the week, zelda wasn’t interested, so i let it go.  big mistake.  by wednesday when we finally combed it out, it was a tangled mess, a combination of her pulling of her sleep cap and crawling around with three dogs.  we managed to get it up into two puffs with two twists to make sure all of the hair in the front made it into the puffs.  those held well until we combed it out yesterday afternoon.  i think her hair has grown in the last week or at least it seemed to be larger this time.  for a little extra fun we pinned her fro into a frohawk.  it was pretty cute.  i love the picture of her playing her harmonica with her frohawk.  maybe she’ll be a punk rock harmonicist.

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