camping and big hair

This weekend I snuck away for a night to Seward for a girls’ camping trip.  It was a lot of fun and a really low key time spent walking on the beach, drinking coffee and hot cocoa, reading, window shopping and eating good food.  It was my first night away from Zelda, but since she was in bed before I left on Friday and awake when I returned Saturday evening, I don’t feel like I missed too much.  Plus her papa was good at sending a few pictures showing me what they were up to.


I am happy to report the banding held while I was away and through two overnights and naps in between.  We’ll probably do this style again next week just before we go camping.  But, today we decided to comb out Zelda’s hair and let it be free.  


It’s getting really long and makes for quite the impressive fro.



We also changed Zelda’s earrings out.  She’s pretty good about sitting still for it.  It helps if she can see all the earrings in the package (out of her reach) as that seems to keep her attention, at least for the first ear.  I really love these little silver leaves.


After her earrings were changed and her hair done, she spent some time walking around the living room.  She is a go go go kind of kiddo.  The only reason she isn’t running laps around the house yet is because she hasn’t figured out how to turn her walker and doesn’t quite have the confidence to walk without it yet.


We also got Zelda outfitted for our family camping trip next weekend.  Now she’ll be able to sit around the campfire with us and drink her water.


Also with a break in the rain, we spent some time outside today.  Zelda really enjoys her swing in the yard. maker gif

Zelda really is a busy baby. She also cut another tooth in the last day or so.  She’s now up to three teeth all on the bottom, but it looks like a whole slew (about 4) are ready to pop on the top this week. She’s a real trooper when it comes to teething, but I think this round is causing her a little discomfort.  She’s welcomed the cold teething rings and some extra cuddles.


Finally, we’ve really been enjoying our deck since it was refinished.  It’s nice to let Zelda roam “free” (there is a baby gate the prevents her from leaving the deck), cruise along the bench and get kisses from the dogs.  

While getting away for a day was a nice change of (slower) pace, I did miss hanging out with Z and z, and was happy to be home.  While today was just another typical day, it’s really the stuff family is made of and makes our little corner of the world home. 

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