11 months old

Update:  Zelda was feeling better this afternoon and happy to play and be silly.

build animated gif


Unfortunately, little Z is feeling the effects of teething something fierce today.  She currently has 3.5 teeth.  Three bottom teeth and about half a canine tooth (eye-tooth? fang?) has poked its way out with the other side coming quick.  No sign of those middle four two top teeth yet.  Zelda was up quite a few times last night and today can’t seem to get comfortable.


She played a little this morning, but is now down for her second nap.  It will probably be a stay in her pjs kind of day.  The rain has set the mood for our house today.  If she’s feeling better tonight, we have a little family baking planned where we’re going to let Z help.  We think she’ll really like it, well, at least we know she’ll like the finished product.


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