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On Thursday I decided to try out one of the techniques I read about for Zelda’s hair.  I did two strand twists somewhat randomly all over her head.  Once they were done I had a hard time getting a clear picture of ms. wiggleworm, so I took a quick video.


I hadn’t really been planning to embark on this hair adventure so I had to use every kind of bow and clip I had to section Zelda’s hair.


Zelda was very patient.


I found these little clips to hold the finished twists, but I couldn’t leave them for fear Zelda would take them out and eat them.  


She wore her twists the whole day including through naps and they held up pretty well with nothing at the ends.  For her afternoon playdate, I pulled the front twists back out of her face with some barrettes.


In order to protect these hairstyles better and her hair generally, we got her a satin sleeping cap. She wore it last night for the first time and was really good about keeping it on.  We’ll see if its still on her head when she wakes up this morning.  Either way she looks super cute in it.


UPDATE – the cap stayed on, horray!  Good job, Zelda.


Today she gets a bath and Zach gets to try detangling and conditioning her hair for the first time. Later this afternoon I think we’ll try another hairstyle because as they say, practice makes perfect, and I’ll admit I need a lot of practice.

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