A busy week

Time flew by in the Z household and we didn’t even manage a single post until today.  Meg and Zelda went for a long, 16-mile bike ride, with an important swing-break in the middle.


We’ve (finally!) gotten around to filling in our sinkhole in the back yard underneath the Korean lilac tree.


 Zelda explored the outdoors on the newly repainted, two-tone deck in her pack and play –  long yard side done 

Zelda also enjoyed staring at the chickens who are happily roaming about the back yard once again.


She’s getting close to walking on her own, we’re sure of it – 

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A quick b&w treatment of z in her pack and play with a sleep cap – 


On Saturday, we snuck downtown for a stroll about.  We eneded up at the patio of the Muse restaurant at the Anchorage Museum.  The weather was quite nice and we enjoyed drinks and some calamari – Zelda’s first.  We’re pretty sure she likes it.


And that’s about all – z’s going to get to spend a bit of time this afternoon with Aunt Karen while mom and dad try to tame the wild Campbell Creek (not our video).  Wish us luck!

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