Z & z


Today is father’s day.  Unfortunately, the papa of our house had to go away late last night on business.  We celebrated yesterday with a trip down Turnagain Arm and Zelda’s first BBQ at the Turnagain Arm Pit, which she seemed to really like, but was also nice enough to offer to share. Regardless of which day we celebrate papa, dada or daddy here, its important that we do.


Dear Zelda,  

You and your papa have an inexplicable bond.  You are certainly are a daddy’s girl.  You’re eyes light up when you see him even only if its that he’s left the room for a short moment.  If I pick you up after a nap and he’s there nearby you automatically reach out for him.  I can understand why you love your papa so much.  He’s an awesome dad.


Dear Zach,

You have taken to the role of fatherhood with ease and naturalness.  You rarely get flustered and you have infinite patience, things I highly admire and aspire to have one day.  You certainly make motherhood easier, most of the time.DesiSmileys.com


To both my lovely Z’s, I look forward to watching your relationship and special bond flourish and continue in the years to come.


With all my love for you both,


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