this week


Whew! It’s been a long week.  Zach has been gone since late Saturday night, but he will reappear before morning.  We are in the final countdown to his return.  It’s been a week of ups – Zelda loving Danish blue cheese – and downs – having to cancel a babysitter because Zelda was being a royal pain in the arse, but we have survived.  We even managed to get into a bed time routine that seems to have cured the fussiness at bedtime, a huge accomplishment after a couple of intense nights of letting her cry it out.  Got give Zelda credit for being persistent.  

In the end a smiling baby, slobbery kisses, tight hugs and giggles all seem to give me a sort of amnesia of all the tough and frustrating times.   

Here’s what we did with ourselves this week, in no particular order:

Hike at Thunderbird Falls.


Bike rides around town on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.  Zelda’s still not thrilled about her helmet, but at least she’s not yanking it off as much.


9 month checkup today


Ah, a moment of quiet.


Casualty of a grabby and curious baby on the go.


Zelda exploring the kitchen.


Enjoying the nice weather in the front yard.


Starting to cruise along the side of the bed and quite pleased with herself.



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