growing the good & welcome


Hi, there to all the new visitors from the Dear Baby Blog.  We are happy to have you here.   We are also excited to be a part of Melissa and her family’s new charitable endeavor.  If you aren’t familiar with the Dear Baby Blog or the Growing the Good campaign, head on over there and check out their good works.

For those of your who are new here, this blog is mainly a chronicle of our family and what we’re up to.  And a little background for those that don’t know us.  We live in Anchorage, Alaska and have been in Alaska for almost 7 years now.  He’s an engineer and I’m a lawyer.  We like to be outdoors, love traveling, enjoy making and eating good food, have wonderful friends here and a lovely family back in the midwest.  We recently adopted our daughter, Zelda.  She’s been with us since she was born in Dallas, Texas, seven months ago.  You’ll find we have a new fondness of tiny toes and chubby legs.  Before Zelda, I used to keep a separate blog, Today I Tried, but with the addition of a baby we consolidated to a single blog.  


Why Patriotic and Romantic?  It came from our good friend, who made the observation that getting married on the 4th of July was patriotic and romantic.  Since the blog started as a wedding information site, what could be more appropriate.  We liked it so much we kept it.

I think that should provide enough background so that you have context for what’s going on around these parts.  Again, welcome and enjoy!


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