a few house updates


With the onset of spring here (finally! I miss the green grass and flowers as pictured from last summer) we are making a push to get some of our indoor projects wrapped up since the pull of outside is often too hard for us to resist.  Here are a couple of the updates from around the house.


A little while ago I decided to redecorate Zelda’s bathroom.  The walls, floor and ceiling are covered in brown vinyl.  Not ready for a full remodel, I used some multi-surface paints and sponged on circles in bright colors on two of the walls.  


I painted both the interior and exterior of the front door red and decided to do the same with the exterior of the back door.  


We hung this awesome quilt in Zelda’s room that she got from her grandma Marla.


I made myself a jewelry organizer so I can tell what I have.  I think I need to make one more since this is just about half of it.


We installed the lampshade that used to be part of a hanging lamp in the family room.  I love this light and I think it looks good with the blue, grey and navy walls we have in the family room.  It’s a space that has taken a long time to figure out, but its slowly coming together.


I also spruced up the laundry area with light blue and teal paint, fun decals, some plants and a little clothes line for Zelda’s diapers.  I still need to sew some valances for the two windows and recover the ironing board.  I spend a lot of time doing laundry so it might as well be a nice space. Also its visible (for now, at least) from the family room so we want it to look nice, but above all be functional.

We also did some baby proofing since Zelda will be independently moving any day now.  All the outlets are now safe and unusable for us.  Those are the major updates for now. We have plans to finish up a few more projects, then we’ll be working a bit outside.  We have about 10% of the house left to paint from last year, a little garden clean up and some maintenance on the deck, but otherwise we’re hoping to spend the summer hiking and camping and not doing too many projects.


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